We treat everyone who interacts with Prema in the same way we would like to be treated ourselves

Following this key principle, we adhere to the values we feel are most important to our business

Our Core Values


We treat all stakeholders with honesty and openness; from our strategic partners and long-term clients though to new, prospective customers. We relate to everyone who interacts with Prema in an authentic and truthful manner. We believe this is the only way to form long lasting partnerships which return value over the long-term.


We understand that our customers and supply-chain appreciate clear communication and simplicity when interacting with us. We always communicate in a straightforward and open manner. Our purpose-built delivery tracking system (for customers, hauliers and suppliers) is designed around ease of use and functionality for all of our partners and customers.


We grow stronger by forming long-lasting, strategic partnerships throughout our supply chain. We greatly value all of our partners, and enjoy working with them on a daily basis.

How we grow together

We are proud to be highly selective over our supply chain - we work exclusively with organisations who share our values and ways of working. Since our company's formation, we have grown alongside our customers.

This has been thanks to the following competencies:

Optimising the fuel for your application
We blend and supply bespoke fuels, optimised for our client's specific application. This provides long-term commercial benefit with no reduction in reliability

Industry Leading Technical Support
We work alongside customers to gain a thorough understanding of your current fuel application and future requirements. Following a site visit from our in-house technical advisors, we will help you understand which fuels are best suited to your application.

Integrated internal systems & Accounting
When in partnership with Prema Energy, our customers benefit from integrated accounting, accurate invoicing, clear order administration and enhanced management oversight.

Logistical Expertise
We offer bulk fuels transport solutions to inland and marine suppliers, traders and customers across the UK. Our supply partners operate our bespoke transport management system - ensuring your fuel deliveries are managed from lifting to receipt of your cargo.

Pricing Management
We provide clear and transparent advice in a market that is often confusing. We offer a range of transparent and suitable pricing mechanisms to suit our customer's needs.