Advisory Services

Pricing Management, Logistics and Transport Services

Our dedicated team provide you with meaningful insight and practicable advice.


We are proud to offer technical expertise which is unmatched in the UK fuel industry.

Our team can advise which fuels are best suited to your specific application, rather than simply offering the nearest standard product.

We will work alongside you to gain a thorough understanding of your current fuel usage, application and future requirements. Following a site visit from our in-house technical advisors, we will help you understand which fuels are best suited to your application.

Prema will help you understand the commercial benefits of using correctly specified alternative grade fuel. Furthermore, our team will help you understand and comply with relevant government incentives and schemes.

Pricing Management

At Prema, we provide clear and transparent advice in a market that is often confusing. We offer a range of transparent and suitable pricing mechanisms to suit your needs.

We understand how fluctuating fuel costs place pressure on margins, budgets and business plans. Prema are pleased to offer a range of solutions. These include access to the forward fixing of fuel prices.

We remove your price exposure by offering a range of contracts. These can be based on Platts quotations, fixed prices and trigger pricing. We are pleased to offer our commercial expertise to meet each customer's needs.

Flexible payment terms and credit facilities are available.

Logistics and Transport Services

Prema Transport offers logistics and transport solutions across the UK. Our network of trusted bulk liquid transport companies operate a sophisticated, custom-built, online order management system - Prema Connect.

This system streamlines communication and co-ordination between your organisation, Prema Energy, the transport manager and terminal operations team. This results in minimal lead times and enhanced reaction to change - quite simply, Prema Connect helps us deliver the correct product, at the right time, to the right place, for all our customers.

Prema Connect provides clear and simple audit trails for all parties. The relevant loading documents and proof of delivery tickets are attached to each order in Connect.

We offer bulk fuels transport solutions to inland and marine suppliers, traders and customers who are not moving Prema Energy's products. Our trusted network of transport companies have smart, unbranded vehicles and tank-trailers ideally positioned across the UK to undertake deliveries or site transfers.